Sunday, 8 May 2011

Designer Lust.. My choices for this week

Dont you just love this image
I wouldn't change a thing.. 
Only the affordability 

Snake print silk blended chiffon pants
£3, 325
 at Net a Porter

Macramé woven leather and silk top 
at Net a Porter

Elle Leather and Mesh sandals 
at Net a Porter

Wednesday, 4 May 2011


A typical evening FB and a Vlink Clink

Love it or loathe it, I think it is here for the duration, when I first joined Facebook it was purely out of curiosity and boredom.  Over the years I have moved around quite a lot, accumulating a lot of lovely friends who I had never forgotten, yet had long lost touch with.  Facebook has enabled me to renew these acquaintances and through blogging and Twitter, I have made new friends who after meeting in the real world we now exchange on here.  I am very careful only to add people that I have actually met or who have mutual friends. 
I made it my home page, as I found people would often message me through this media rather than email me.
Hence now I am an addict. 
If I am online I am on Facebook, I sometimes get distracted from my original purpose of going on shopping is forgotten.. 
Time is lost.. whilst I shamelessly indulge my voyeuristic nature and check through the latest photos posted by......

The day I forgot to eat

I exchange comments with friends and enjoy live conversation on chat.  I have friends from all different times of my life, spread across the globe. When I am awake in the middle of the night, which is often. I can speak to an old friend, who is maybe just having their breakfast.. or  evening meal
I can remain invisible and just catch up on everything.
The world has become a much smaller place.

No words needed...
I am also a fan of Twitter, I sometimes use it just like Twitter and update my status far too often, clogging up the newsfeed, I must be blessed with patient friends.  Although many a Twitterer will not usually admit to having a Facebook account too, they often mention it with distain, but, no matter what they think, the cool guys originally from My Space and such, all appear to have resigned themselves to the fact that FB is where it is at.. 
Lately I am often to be found in this cyber bar, my writing voice has suffered a virus for too long, every time I have sat down to expel a few sentences, nothing was coming.  My brain had become constipated, I would open Blogger... or Pages and in the back ground is my FB chat box.. I would stare at the blank page and click to see who was available to distract me now.. 
I even started to come off line, to make a conscious effort to write something, or to at least read a few of my friends posts, only my iphone would start vibrating,  informing me of  some new update  and I would be off again...

My husbands famous haircut
Most companies have their own page now, being a fashion addict I am a follower of most of them Net a Porter, Matches, The Outnet and my  then there are the magazines Vogue, Glamour and Grazia.
So you see something you like in Vogue, it is then shown by Net a Porter straight into your newsfeed and before you know it your shopping bag... 

The night I ripped my nose stud out

I am beginning to feel the need for the almost meditative state of writing again, this is something I am delighted about, I think its important to have a hobby something that you are passionate about, even if its just in the form of a gossipy narrative, yet I am so grateful for Facebook and its companionship through my dry days.

The photos by the way, are just a example selection of the inane drivel that pops up in my feed ....