Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The Sun Shines On The Rectory

Daffodils I planted a couple of years ago along the river bank 

Yesterday was the first official day of spring.  Here at home, today is the first real day of spring.   The sun even has warmth, encouraging you to lift your face and let it kiss your winter pallor.  It is such a wonderful feeling.   Everything looks so green, punctuated with splashes of golden yellow daffodils.  The animals all seem more content too, there is a definite happiness in the air....

I just had to take my camera outside and share it with you.

Our little river

The one thing I miss about Spain, is living by the ocean.  I love to be near water, I think our little river keeps me sane, there is nothing nicer than contemplating life whilst it bubbles past you.

 Big Girl!

We have also taken the covers off the pond for the day to let the fish have some light.  I cannot believe how much they have grown over the winter.  Any followers from my old blog will remember that we had to treat them for ulcers last summer, well they appear to have all healed and are looking so healthy again.

I love the sound of the water

This tree is huge, it is also home to a lot of bats and squirrels 

Love is... 

 Next winters logs.. even the mess look good

Gorgeous sky with the sun peeping through

Dreams of dining al fresco again

Molly.. in hiding

More water .. you can tell I love it

...and it's perfect weather for building ..at last


  1. It's finally showing signs of spring in this part of the globe ... the sun and warm weather is also helpful in lifting one's mood.

    Loved your photos, thanks for sharing your walk!!! It inspired me to get out and walk our property later today.

    I chuckled at your wood pile , hubby was just pointing out the wood that he needs to chop and stack that was buried under the snow... wishing you a fabulous week!! xo HHL

  2. Oh it looks so beautiful in the sunlight!
    Summer...bring it on!

  3. What gorgeous pictures! You took some stunners there! Can't wait to come and see you. We will definitely be up in the summer xx

  4. Christina I am so looking forward to it..you may even have your own guest house the rate at which the building is now flying up .. but that might be too much to wish for just yet :) xx

  5. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. Yes, Spring is finally getting here. Today was the first day I could go with bare legs - so liberating not to have to wear tights or socks!

  6. Beautiful Ruth, you're very talented ;)

    Pete x

  7. Thanks for sharing the photos with us. I, too, love any sort of water. Your place is lovely, and Molly is adorable.

    Happy Spring!



  8. You have your own stream, how lovely! The daffs are looking beautiful at the moment arent they xx

  9. Hi my dear-stunning pictures indeed-how wonderful to have all this around you xx

  10. It all looks so lovely. Makes me a bit sad, as down here in NZ, we're heading towards Autumn and Winter is just ove the horizon. I remember Spring as the best time in the UK. When it's not raining, snowing, hailing or flooding that is.

  11. It's absolutely beautiful, really beautiful. You are lucky to live in such a wonderful setting.

    It's amazing the difference that a few days of sun has - on everything - the plants, your doggie and even your cock (so to speak!)

    And BUILDERS!!!! fantastic!

    Hope you're doing well honey - remember I owe you a reading!


  12. oh what fabulous photos....I can feel the sun on my face.....not so much in London today though!!

  13. What a beautiful place, such gorgeous pictures. Here in Sicily spring has arrived but it's still rather cloudy and cold. It's very windy (in fact Trapani should be called the Windy City, there's never a day without wind!) and it doesn't yet seem like spring. Following you from Trapani, Sicily!

  14. Gorgeous photos! Based on the boots post photos, you must be using a very good camera, and you have an excellent eye and steady hand.


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