Sunday, 8 May 2011

Designer Lust.. My choices for this week

Dont you just love this image
I wouldn't change a thing.. 
Only the affordability 

Snake print silk blended chiffon pants
£3, 325
 at Net a Porter

Macramé woven leather and silk top 
at Net a Porter

Elle Leather and Mesh sandals 
at Net a Porter

Wednesday, 4 May 2011


A typical evening FB and a Vlink Clink

Love it or loathe it, I think it is here for the duration, when I first joined Facebook it was purely out of curiosity and boredom.  Over the years I have moved around quite a lot, accumulating a lot of lovely friends who I had never forgotten, yet had long lost touch with.  Facebook has enabled me to renew these acquaintances and through blogging and Twitter, I have made new friends who after meeting in the real world we now exchange on here.  I am very careful only to add people that I have actually met or who have mutual friends. 
I made it my home page, as I found people would often message me through this media rather than email me.
Hence now I am an addict. 
If I am online I am on Facebook, I sometimes get distracted from my original purpose of going on shopping is forgotten.. 
Time is lost.. whilst I shamelessly indulge my voyeuristic nature and check through the latest photos posted by......

The day I forgot to eat

I exchange comments with friends and enjoy live conversation on chat.  I have friends from all different times of my life, spread across the globe. When I am awake in the middle of the night, which is often. I can speak to an old friend, who is maybe just having their breakfast.. or  evening meal
I can remain invisible and just catch up on everything.
The world has become a much smaller place.

No words needed...
I am also a fan of Twitter, I sometimes use it just like Twitter and update my status far too often, clogging up the newsfeed, I must be blessed with patient friends.  Although many a Twitterer will not usually admit to having a Facebook account too, they often mention it with distain, but, no matter what they think, the cool guys originally from My Space and such, all appear to have resigned themselves to the fact that FB is where it is at.. 
Lately I am often to be found in this cyber bar, my writing voice has suffered a virus for too long, every time I have sat down to expel a few sentences, nothing was coming.  My brain had become constipated, I would open Blogger... or Pages and in the back ground is my FB chat box.. I would stare at the blank page and click to see who was available to distract me now.. 
I even started to come off line, to make a conscious effort to write something, or to at least read a few of my friends posts, only my iphone would start vibrating,  informing me of  some new update  and I would be off again...

My husbands famous haircut
Most companies have their own page now, being a fashion addict I am a follower of most of them Net a Porter, Matches, The Outnet and my  then there are the magazines Vogue, Glamour and Grazia.
So you see something you like in Vogue, it is then shown by Net a Porter straight into your newsfeed and before you know it your shopping bag... 

The night I ripped my nose stud out

I am beginning to feel the need for the almost meditative state of writing again, this is something I am delighted about, I think its important to have a hobby something that you are passionate about, even if its just in the form of a gossipy narrative, yet I am so grateful for Facebook and its companionship through my dry days.

The photos by the way, are just a example selection of the inane drivel that pops up in my feed .... 

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Passionate for a Sombrero

I started this post yesterday about hats..
I love hats..
I need hats
I have very curly hair and they are my life saver.
Anyhow the sun was shining and I started on the Pimms so I am afraid I didn't get to write a word..
But as you will see from the photographs .. I like hats .. and wear them for many a reason

I have them in all colours..

 For all weathers...

To keep me warm....

Feeling flirty.....

 For cuddling....

For posing....

To look daft.....

 or stylish.......?

Country Sporting occasions.....

Or nights out along dark county lanes.....

Love em .......ok

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Signature Style

I love this girls style
Photo by Vanessa Jackman, Street Style

Are you a designer diva, a romantic feminine type, or a power dresser.. 
Do you have a signature style?
Boots, boots, boots.... my wardrobe is full of boots.. jeans and boots

Jbrand skinnies in crinkle black fabric 

Since I started blogging and following fashion blogs, I realise that I am not really a true follower of fashion.  I love to see all the new collections, the campaigns from the different houses.  I love the glamour, to get ideas from the catwalk, but in reality I tend to have my own style, a formula that works for me. 

Rsoles Black Python 2011

Rsoles vintage.. 2008

I know this as they are the pieces in my wardrobe that survive the regular cull.  I love to wear dresses but rarely get the chance, so I own only a few..
Shoes.. mm well shoes are a passion, but I am learning that I have these wonderful shoes but seldom get the opportunity to wear them, not only here in the wilds, but even when I am in London if you need to walk anywhere.. High Heels do not cut it.
So back to my favourite footwear .. Boots
Especially Cowboy and biker boots  ... 

Brown Studded Python Rsoles 2010

Belstaff Biker 2010

My favourite shop has to be R Soles on the Kings Road, it has been there for years many many years.  They sell the best boots around, I must treat myself to pair every year... sometimes two.
Pound per wear they are invaluable I live in them winter and summer, short ones for skinny jeans and longer ones with straight cut or flared jeans. 

Jbrand skinnies.. in ink

Rather than a mixture of items like skirts or trousers, I own many pairs of jeans in different cuts and fabrics, as I tend to where them all the time.
I think my favourite Jean designer is J Brand.
Today I am wearing what can only be called a legging type jean it is very skinny, yet flattering.  I prefer to spend money on good jeans than anything, due to the pound per wear value.  

Rsoles "Bunny Ears" 2009

Rsoles Hand Tooled 2007

My obsession this label began when I bought some “Love Story” jeans from them in 2008.  I notice that they are also tipped to be the shape for the summer of 2011, so they certainly have been worth every penny.
I love their “Houlihan” skinny cargos, which were my favourite wear last summer and the new “Agnes” cut.  Which is similar style except without the leg pockets.

This summer I think the Love Story will be getting an airing with some high wedges, when tottering is possible, but more than likely back in my boots.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The Sun Shines On The Rectory

Daffodils I planted a couple of years ago along the river bank 

Yesterday was the first official day of spring.  Here at home, today is the first real day of spring.   The sun even has warmth, encouraging you to lift your face and let it kiss your winter pallor.  It is such a wonderful feeling.   Everything looks so green, punctuated with splashes of golden yellow daffodils.  The animals all seem more content too, there is a definite happiness in the air....

I just had to take my camera outside and share it with you.

Our little river

The one thing I miss about Spain, is living by the ocean.  I love to be near water, I think our little river keeps me sane, there is nothing nicer than contemplating life whilst it bubbles past you.

 Big Girl!

We have also taken the covers off the pond for the day to let the fish have some light.  I cannot believe how much they have grown over the winter.  Any followers from my old blog will remember that we had to treat them for ulcers last summer, well they appear to have all healed and are looking so healthy again.

I love the sound of the water

This tree is huge, it is also home to a lot of bats and squirrels 

Love is... 

 Next winters logs.. even the mess look good

Gorgeous sky with the sun peeping through

Dreams of dining al fresco again

Molly.. in hiding

More water .. you can tell I love it

...and it's perfect weather for building last

Friday, 18 March 2011

Kate Kicks Ass

I just love this new Dior advert, sometimes amongst all the tragedy on the news it is nice to have a little fantasy.

I  also think after all the negative publicity surrounding the atrocious behaviour of Galliano, in that awful video, it is great to see that something pretty associated with Dior again and such a stylish film too.

I am not judging by any means, I wouldn't dream of it,  the phrase "People who live in glass houses" comes to mind, but it does amuse me how well Kate has come back from her "Cocaine incident"  taking drugs and swinging, is obviously considered a better role model for young people than a racist.

.... LOL I am such a blonde.. she is perfect for this product.
Fucking hell teaches me to post when I am in blonde mode .. That should give you a giggle anyhow

Thursday, 17 March 2011

"Desire to Be Still" - Wildernesschic Poetry

Sorry I posted this here by mistake.. but if you would like to see my recital it is on my poetry blog
 My Own Poetry Corner I would love to hear your comments xx

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Three "Cant Live Without" Product Suggestions

Every now and then we start to use a product or beauty tool that we suddenly decide.. "Now this has made a difference"
I am going to share with you three products that are my current favourite's 

Beginning with "The Coco Beau Big Fat, Firm Foundation Brush" it is just amazing, I am fairly sceptical when it comes to make up and beauty products and tools that promise the earth, but my favourite makeup guru Donna Artz, is usually a very reliable source and as she sends to England from the USA for this, I thought I would give this one a go.

The is the perfect foundation brush, enabling anyone to create the impression of flawless skin, that also looks natural. Never before have I been able to achieve such a natural look, I am not usually a huge fan of foundation, on my face, I always feel it looks a little mask like and have always preferred a more natural look. Luckily I have been blessed with good skin and can get away with just a little moisturiser.  Yet, I do love that flawless look that others seemed to achieve.  Well, now thanks to this brush, that look is within my capabilities.  The texture is amazing and it is so easy and comfortable to use, it is not however cheap at £29.75, yet I think worth every penny, the company is also a delight to deal with.  The first thing that you will strike you about this brush is its generous size. The brush measures 150 mm (5.9") in total length, with the brush head 35 mm (1.4") long, 33 mm (1.3") wide, and 15 mm (0.6") thick at its widest point. This is approximately twice as thick as the average foundation brush

Having long curly hair, I am always looking for a wonder drug... 
Freudian slip there sorry.. I meant to say product.  I want something to make it appear what it is not, straight, glossy and swishy .. 
Nope still not found anything, expect of course, extreme heat and silicone's.  Neither of which are great for the long term health of your hair.  The latest product that I have tried however, I am very impressed with.  It also works well when sprayed into dry hair, then scrunched in, leaving soft waves, "non frizzy" soft waves too.  I have tried the whole range, but I am unfortunately allergic to the shampoo, this however I am fine with.
 It is made up of mainly plant extract's and vegetable oils, so it needs to be shaken before use.  It is applied after shampooing, on damp hair before blow-drying or before exposure to the sun for its protective properties.  Available from Michael John at £28, it is fabulous. 

Leonor Greyl Lait Luminescence Bi-Phase - Hair

Finally, this is more of an indulgence and maybe a passing phase, but I am so impressed with this item.  Its a waterproof liner by Terry, once on, it does not move....
So easy to apply too, as it is a pen liner, I have used many of these often they are only available in black , yet this comes in a gorgeous "Bamboo Brown", which has a much softer tone to it. 
I still like my pencil as I love a natural smudge.. That is if black rock chic eyes can be called natural.  What I think I am trying to say is, although I love the kitten flick eyeliner look, of the fifties and sixties "Mad Men" and screen star style, which is so easily achieved using this pen. I do not think it is for me.  What I like is that I can use the two together, achieving a long lasting eye.  This is available from SpaceNK at £24.50

Donna guru, swears by the Sue Devitt pencils, so when I am in London this Monday I am going to Harvey Nichols to have a browse and maybe to treat myself to a couple, as they are also supposed to stay on forever.. I will let you know.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Custom Wear Flamenco

I have a friend who is very dear to me, we have many things in common, we share some of our inner most secrets.  Spiritually we are of a similar mould, we both are mother's of two boys and share a love of Spain and flamenco. We have written to each other, exchanged gifts and phone calls, yet we have never met.   The only reason is purely geographical, she lives in New York and I live in Wales, without the internet we would not know each other and yet our friendship is now longer than ten years, longer and closer than a lot of my terrestrial acquaintances.  My friend is a dancer, a very talented dancer she specialises in Flamenco, she also makes her own costumes and commissions some for others too.  It was when I was looking through her portfolio that I realised that the shirt that I had in my mind and had been searching for, was very similar to one of her own designs.  

My Flamenco Shirt

So using the wonderful fabric shop The Berwick Street Cloth Shop which came highly recommended by Fee Doran" Mrs Jones "  I purchased some fabric.  Shopping with them was a wonderful experience, I rang them and asked them to send me a selection of swatches of heavy silk to make a flamenco shirt in shades of orange and red.  The next day they were here, 12 strips of fabric, all labelled and priced, different weights and stunning shades.. I was totally spoilt for choice.  Once the decision was made, I was able to place the order over the phone and they sent it via courier, directly to my friend who was living in Sevilla last summer.   

Self covered buttons 

I have to say it is the most wonderful shirt that I own, probably as it is made to measure, and each little detail is wonderful.  Like the little self covered buttons and the depth of the neckline, we were able to discuss everything little detail as to how I wanted it to fit ..I think it is perfect. I wore it with  my J Brand waxed Agness jeans and some sparkly black Pedro Garcia shoes at Christmas.

 J Brand waxed Agness jeans available from Net a Porter

I think it would look equally as good with some really distressed jeans..
There is definitely something wonderful about having something made just for you

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Vintage Purses

Everyday practical satchel by Aubin and Wills 
availably from Net a Porter

I always say that I am not a "Bag girl"
I am more a connoisseur of shoes and jeans..
I have never really had a thing for an "it" bag, for me it has to be functional and suit my everyday needs, like my satchel pictured above.
Yet who am I kidding, I may not be an expensive bag fan but, I do have a passion for a vintage evening purse.  It all started with my mothers collection that she had inherited from her older sister.  There was a particular velvet clutch, with intricate metallic embroidery, that I adored, I still do..

My aunts evening purse

My own hidden treasure

I came across this little beauty in the local junk shop, as I was buying a few things, he threw it in for free. The detail on these bags is absolutely fantastic, all hand stitched with metallic thread.  I have not as yet met anyone with the same purse either.

Kite and Butterfly Jacket from

Just to diversify for a moment, these purses did influence one of my Sale purchases this January, as soon as I saw this Peacock jacket on sale with 50% off, I just new I had to send for it, as it would be one of those "forever" wardrobe piece, that looks perfect, equally with both jeans and dresses.  It is from Kite and Butterfly clothing and I adore it, plus it compliments both purses.

Fabulous embroidery and fringing..

Ok back to bags ...
1930's snakeskin evening box style purse, 
another junk shop find.  I love the little clasp and the boxy shape.

As its a little deeper you can carry more in it too

Red  1930's Alligator purse from Ebay, 
This reminded me so much of the Zagliani "Puffy bag"..
 but a mere fraction of the cost

1940's Pony skin purse Ebay

1970's Snakeskin clutch, inherited from a family friend

1940's alligator purse again from Ebay

There is one missing from my collection that I am looking to replace.  It was a lovely 1940's black snakeskin framed purse.  I bought it about ten years ago from Ebay, but coming home one evening from a party, my husband was sick in it, so I just had to throw it away...