Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Vintage Purses

Everyday practical satchel by Aubin and Wills 
availably from Net a Porter

I always say that I am not a "Bag girl"
I am more a connoisseur of shoes and jeans..
I have never really had a thing for an "it" bag, for me it has to be functional and suit my everyday needs, like my satchel pictured above.
Yet who am I kidding, I may not be an expensive bag fan but, I do have a passion for a vintage evening purse.  It all started with my mothers collection that she had inherited from her older sister.  There was a particular velvet clutch, with intricate metallic embroidery, that I adored, I still do..

My aunts evening purse

My own hidden treasure

I came across this little beauty in the local junk shop, as I was buying a few things, he threw it in for free. The detail on these bags is absolutely fantastic, all hand stitched with metallic thread.  I have not as yet met anyone with the same purse either.

Kite and Butterfly Jacket from Mywardrobe.com

Just to diversify for a moment, these purses did influence one of my Sale purchases this January, as soon as I saw this Peacock jacket on sale with 50% off, I just new I had to send for it, as it would be one of those "forever" wardrobe piece, that looks perfect, equally with both jeans and dresses.  It is from Kite and Butterfly clothing and I adore it, plus it compliments both purses.

Fabulous embroidery and fringing..

Ok back to bags ...
1930's snakeskin evening box style purse, 
another junk shop find.  I love the little clasp and the boxy shape.

As its a little deeper you can carry more in it too

Red  1930's Alligator purse from Ebay, 
This reminded me so much of the Zagliani "Puffy bag"..
 but a mere fraction of the cost

1940's Pony skin purse Ebay

1970's Snakeskin clutch, inherited from a family friend

1940's alligator purse again from Ebay

There is one missing from my collection that I am looking to replace.  It was a lovely 1940's black snakeskin framed purse.  I bought it about ten years ago from Ebay, but coming home one evening from a party, my husband was sick in it, so I just had to throw it away...


  1. These are beautiful, Ruth - even though I prefer fake-skin to snake-skin :-)

    Ali x

  2. Hi my dear-what a totally stunning collection, I really love all your unique and beautiful finds, the jacket compliments them perfectly too xx

  3. I'm not into bags usually either, but do love these earlier styles. The 30s snakeskin is my favourite, and I have a few ready for the shop that are similar to the metal embroidered velvet ones x

  4. These are just fabulous!!! and your Aunt's with the peacock , seriously envying that little treasure.. Your jacket is also gorgeous!!! Happy Tuesday my friend.. xo HHL

  5. I love the jacket and the bags. Hope all is well.



  6. I love these bags so much! The peacock one is my favourite along with the jacket...wow! xxx

  7. Why am I not surprised that you have lovely handbags as well?

    Beautiful collection.

  8. They are all absolutely beautiful!! My favourite is the peacock one. The jacket is stunning, you had to have it. That's so funny I've been looking at something similar, but not as nice on Ebay!

    I've been meaning to call you for days but keep forgetting to save your number in my bloody temporary phone. I'm around tomorrow afternoon so will try you then. Dying to catch up, love C xx

  9. Lovely gorgeous bags. One question - how do you store your handbags?

  10. Oh I wrap them in soft bags ...do you know a better way always open for suggestions xx

  11. I am mad-mad-mad for the satchel in the first shoe. I absolutely adore it. You, my friend, have gorgeous taste.

  12. I love these vintage bags. In a time when the standard for chic is to carry a birkin or fendi or some other over promoted brand bag, I like to see accessories that show some individualism.

  13. Omg Ruth I love all these. Ive always had a passion for bags and these are all fabulous. My fave has to the embroidered ones or the 1930s square one. Please remember me if you ever decide to get rid or want someone to leave them to lmao!!!!! (though you will prob be here longer than i) but seriously I love looking at your fashion posts. We have the same tastes in fashion, and I love to see what you get because I know I will never be able to afford, or even if I could I would never look as good as you do. I love your blogs hun and always will :)


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