Thursday, 3 February 2011

Little French Hens ..... Especially for Lily

The post that I had planned for today, was to be about my love of vintage handbags ... that is now on hold, something for you to look forward to.  Instead today's post is dedicated to a lovely Egyptian friend of mine from New York, this lovely lady has been a faithful follower of my blogs since I first began.  As she worked in the high end of the fashion world, I had always thought that it was my sense of style, wish lists and fashion posts that she enjoyed...
But apparently not ..
After meeting up she informed me, that the posts she loved the most were my chicken posts...

So this morning when I was walking the dogs feeding the hens, I took my camera along, so that I could make a little movie for her..

Fucking hell Lily we were lucky, as I walked up the steps my new baby hens came to meet me... I had forgotten to lock them away last night, and Mr Fox missed them.  There is one about at the moment too, I think my hat has scared him away for the moment, I will have to get the big guns out and wear the coat today... Just so he thinks that its silver fox territory.

Anyhow enough of this madness, I know you are going through a tough time, with everything that is happening in Cairo at the moment, so this blog is especially for you, I hope it makes you smile xx



  1. I've only just seen your email about uploading videos! Sorry! I have no idea how to do it but I'm glad you've worked it out.

    I love your chicken posts too. I love the ones when you talk about yourself and your funny stories best.

    Bless Sam your shadow sniffing around after the chickens! xx

  2. I thought you were gone with the wind, hahha. What a long time without posting, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Now we are facebook friends, so I´ve got you.
    Mil besos.

  3. Love it!!! Thanks Ruth.. Keep those foxes away from my friends... Lol!

  4. Lily you are welcome, I do not think I sound like must be my morning pre caffeine voice ..somewhere between Welsh and Liverpool...weird..
    But that is as much noise that is made around here everyone talks to the birds :) ...mental xx

  5. In times when other places in the world are going crazy it is good to be able to take a look around you and see the little things that make our lives wonderful. I don't have adorable hens, but knowing that you do, just makes my life happier!
    One of these days...if I keep working hard...I hope to have a country life of horses,hounds and hens!

  6. Know that your post made me smile! The hens are too adorable and I loved the FurBabies helping to keep them safe!!! wishing your friend much peace...xo HHL

  7. What a sweet post (and I loved your accent!). Those chickens are awfully cute.

  8. What a colorful bunch. My two sweeties are both red heads. Double Trouble.

  9. I was out the front have a ciggie, when a fox walked down my road, as bold as brass! They look nice when you are wearing them LOL x

  10. Can you finish a non-porn clip with the words "handsome cock"? Caught up on your posts now, all brilliant as usual - too many to comment at this late date, but about the face or fanny - looking at the last pic of Madge think I would say fanny - although I have slimmed a bit and am so lacking in the derriere department I have taken to wearing clown pants (as you saw on my blog) ;-) x

  11. Truely lovely post, lets hope they get things resolved soon x


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