Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Signature Style

I love this girls style
Photo by Vanessa Jackman, Street Style

Are you a designer diva, a romantic feminine type, or a power dresser.. 
Do you have a signature style?
Boots, boots, boots.... my wardrobe is full of boots.. jeans and boots

Jbrand skinnies in crinkle black fabric 

Since I started blogging and following fashion blogs, I realise that I am not really a true follower of fashion.  I love to see all the new collections, the campaigns from the different houses.  I love the glamour, to get ideas from the catwalk, but in reality I tend to have my own style, a formula that works for me. 

Rsoles Black Python 2011

Rsoles vintage.. 2008

I know this as they are the pieces in my wardrobe that survive the regular cull.  I love to wear dresses but rarely get the chance, so I own only a few..
Shoes.. mm well shoes are a passion, but I am learning that I have these wonderful shoes but seldom get the opportunity to wear them, not only here in the wilds, but even when I am in London if you need to walk anywhere.. High Heels do not cut it.
So back to my favourite footwear .. Boots
Especially Cowboy and biker boots  ... 

Brown Studded Python Rsoles 2010

Belstaff Biker 2010

My favourite shop has to be R Soles on the Kings Road, it has been there for years many many years.  They sell the best boots around, I must treat myself to pair every year... sometimes two.
Pound per wear they are invaluable I live in them winter and summer, short ones for skinny jeans and longer ones with straight cut or flared jeans. 

Jbrand skinnies.. in ink

Rather than a mixture of items like skirts or trousers, I own many pairs of jeans in different cuts and fabrics, as I tend to where them all the time.
I think my favourite Jean designer is J Brand.
Today I am wearing what can only be called a legging type jean it is very skinny, yet flattering.  I prefer to spend money on good jeans than anything, due to the pound per wear value.  

Rsoles "Bunny Ears" 2009

Rsoles Hand Tooled 2007

My obsession this label began when I bought some “Love Story” jeans from them in 2008.  I notice that they are also tipped to be the shape for the summer of 2011, so they certainly have been worth every penny.
I love their “Houlihan” skinny cargos, which were my favourite wear last summer and the new “Agnes” cut.  Which is similar style except without the leg pockets.

This summer I think the Love Story will be getting an airing with some high wedges, when tottering is possible, but more than likely back in my boots.


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  3. With your figure - why not? Rock what works.

  4. I don't believe I have a signature style. I'm usually not going anywhere where dressing up is a must. I do like to look good at the office - but I wouldn't consider that "dressing up." And on weekends and after work - I prefer to be comfortable - so that usually means jeans or shorts (depending on the season). But shoes....oh my hell. Shoes are my weakness - whether they are high-heeled, flats, boots, flip flops, etc. So I guess that would be my "signature" I usually have some fabulous shoe gracing my foot - no matter the outfit.

  5. I look goddawful in jeans so i can only admire women who wear them with aplomb!

    But then again, maybe I just haven't found the right jeans?

    I hate to sometimes be thinking that there are some people who definitely shouldn't wear jeans (I am thinking of myself!!!), but you carry them off very well!

  6. I love your boot collection!

  7. Oh my friend I'm seriously salivating over your boot collection!!! I'm currently working on discovering my signature style for this new life I'm living ... so far friends and I have come up with "smart casual" ... jeans being a main component ... loved this post!! xo HHL

    P.S. check out the boots on my post ... I definitely thought of you when I saw this gal in the Alexander McQueen outfit....xo

  8. OMG...who knew that you were a hot cow girl at heart.
    Except for the biker boots, if the rest of those aren't Texas style hot chick cowboy boots, then I need to get out more!
    And you do have a smokin hot figure!

  9. I love your boots. And the jeans are great. If I ever buy a pair of jeans again I shall check out J Brand.

    The girl in the picture has the same style as you - only your boots are better! Love you xx

  10. PS. You look gorgeous as always and I love Sam with his paw up in the background xx

  11. Wow amazing styles. I love signature style. And nice collection of shoes.

  12. Hi my dear!! A girl after my own heart, although I don't own J Brands, I most probably would if I had the money as the styles and cuts are just perfect-love yours and your boot collection is divine, they really are gorgeous xx

  13. Isn't Sam a cutie, trying to get your attention while you photograph your jeans. 'Meeee, look at meeee, I am the most important!'

    I agree with you on shoes. I have so many pretty pairs, and rarely get to wear them because I need to walk everywhere. Boots certainly come out top for most wears. Your Belstaffs are my favourite xx

  14. I love your boot collection. I have two nice pair myself. One pair is iguana skin.

    You have the cutest figure.

    Love the dog!

  15. What a lot of boots you've got! And I love 'em! And what a FIGURE you've got too you skinny cow! :-D

    Have now made a note to visit RSoles when I next get to Lahndan. Whenever that might be!

    Ali x

  16. Dash why did you remove your comments they were great .. I got the emails ? Anyhow thank you for taking the time to comment .. I am sure you are tres chic xx

  17. Gigi I love shoes too but at the moment they are worn purely in the bedroom as I do not socialise enough xx

  18. Christina , Penny Ali Thanks as always .. yes Sam is gorgeous in the photo.. Ali Rsoles are online too .. very slim fitting my friend cannot buy them as she cannot get her foot in xx

  19. Thank you all .. I do love my boots.. xx

  20. Oh Fuck just noticed that I have replied as Wildernesschic.. Ah well I think we all know by now that I am one and the same LOL ... Just incase anyone new is reading .. I am not just a cheeky mare answering for Ruby LOL xx

  21. I want some Love Story, Houlihan and Agnes! Its not fair they are so bloody expensive! I love Current Elliott after getting my first pair from theoutnet last summer.

  22. How cute is your dog!! I am in love with your cowboy boot collection, I have an ancient pair I haven't worn for ages but I wouldn't part with them. I am also useless at jeans, I just never know what to wear blue ones with, except for my skinny black pair which I wear all the time. Maybe if I had some nice designer ones I would wear them more, hmm must go shopping ;-) I don't think I have a signature style, I have so many clothes and they are all so different, its like dressing everyday!

  23. I love my boots too...I knew we had shit in common! You look Absolutely Fabulous!!

  24. wow.......brilliant off to Argentina and now I think I know what to bring back!!x

  25. You are looking so beautiful with your dressing sense!!

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  27. These dresses are adorable and delicate. And the pictures are great !

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