Thursday, 9 December 2010

Vision of my future .. maybe

Ruby Tuesday

Okay, I am still staying incognito ... so I have blurred out the background and blocked off my face.  I wasn't going to personalise this blog... but hell.. this is me.  I cannot help it, I wanted to share this with you as although I found the comparison very disturbing,  it also gave me a giggle.

The weather is dangerously cold here, we could open the garden to the public to practice both Bobsleigh and Ice skating.  Stepping outside you are literally taking your life in your hands, I have to wear my walking boots everywhere, but the animals are dependant on me, I have to go and give them fresh water as it freezes within hours .. so here  I am above, dressed to feed the animals.  I am wearing my warmest coat I own.. my coat of death,  I may get a lot of hate mail now from anti fur supporters.  Frankly at this moment in time, I am enjoying wearing the cousins of the bastard fox that got my hens this summer. 

Little Edie 

As I hobbled out of the house with my jug of luke warm water.. and caught a glimpse of my reflection in the window.. I was reminded of the haunting image of 'Little Edie" from the film "Grey Gardens" ..  its a film I have been meaning to watch for ages, a 1975 documentary about a mother and daughter sharing their lives in an a dilapidated house in the East Hampton, New York.  A very up market area, they were the Aunt and cousin of the late Jackie Kennedy.  I live in an old house and often wonder what the future would hold, should I be left alone.. 
I think I have just had a glimpse .. 
An eccentric, batty old lady, still attempting, desperately to be glamorous...with a white recycling bag filled with empty Absolut bottles.

My image gave the dog a laugh anyhow

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

John Lennon ...Spare him a thought today

Vintage Glamour

Photo courtesy of Penny Dreadful Vintage

There is something so special about a lovely little vintage find... 
The other day, whilst I was catching up on my blog reading  I saw that there had been a gathering of the blogosphere, a vintage tea party over at  Penny's place Vintage Tea Party Pictures . It was so frustrating to see all these lovely clothes being tried on by all the girls and not being able to join in (spoilt pout)...I then realised that Penny has a website.
These things take me a while to notice I am afraid, I am blonde and have a slight satellite delay, on the old, alcohol damaged brain.

I popped over and saw this darling little sweater, which looks fabulous on Penny here. Being one of my favourite colours and styles I just had to snap it up.. as of Saturday I am now in possession of it.
It looks fabulous on, I love the boat neck line and the elbow length sleeves, the wool feels like a cashmere mix.
Penny we are a similar size I am pleased to say..
So in the future I know if it looks good on you it will fit me. It was also beautifully packaged with a lovely little note, such service... I will be back.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Fabulous and unique Indian jewellery

Drew Barrymore wearing Amrapali 

I love Indian Jewellery, I always have, I am almost obsessed by it.  I have always had a thing for bracelets and earrings, I wear them daily, I "jangle,"my husband likes it as he can hear me coming....
I particularly like the Indian style, as I think it looks better when you layer it up.

Julia Roberts for Elle, wearing Gold gemstone
 Indian bangles from

I adore the Gold bangles on the Beladora website, the ones that were worn by Julia Roberts on the cover of Elle magazine. 
Although, personally I tend to wear a lot more silver, so I have been looking around ever since for something to suffice the craving.

Visit the Web site to see some of the collections

I have found this wonderful jewellery, there is a counter in Selfridges and a shop in Knightsbridge, they have the most amazing pieces, most of them unique.  It is nice know that you will not be paying a lot of money, only to find yourself wearing the same as everyone else.  The collection features gold and silver, with precious stones and uncut diamonds, so the prices can vary quite considerably.  I had to hold onto the counter to steady myself, after asking the price of a bracelet made with uncut diamonds, although it was beautiful...

I love Dragons, so this was my first choice

I did buy a bracelet, but it kept falling off.  I know, I am not the most gentle of people, anything delicate is best given to somebody else.. but this was ridiculous, it fell off on the counter and I had just walked away, it then fell off three or four times, whilst I was having lunch.
So I went back and they exchanged it for a different style of bracelet, one that would not fall off.

This is the one I exchanged it for..I actually prefer it

This time I went with a bangle, the bangles also come in different sizes, I have tiny wrists, yet I  found it difficult to get many of them over my hands... and no, I do not have man hands..

Three looked much better than two... so....

Personally the half open bangle style suited me best, although the pearl one above, is a perfect fit.... 
Luckily for me xx