Thursday, 3 March 2011

Three "Cant Live Without" Product Suggestions

Every now and then we start to use a product or beauty tool that we suddenly decide.. "Now this has made a difference"
I am going to share with you three products that are my current favourite's 

Beginning with "The Coco Beau Big Fat, Firm Foundation Brush" it is just amazing, I am fairly sceptical when it comes to make up and beauty products and tools that promise the earth, but my favourite makeup guru Donna Artz, is usually a very reliable source and as she sends to England from the USA for this, I thought I would give this one a go.

The is the perfect foundation brush, enabling anyone to create the impression of flawless skin, that also looks natural. Never before have I been able to achieve such a natural look, I am not usually a huge fan of foundation, on my face, I always feel it looks a little mask like and have always preferred a more natural look. Luckily I have been blessed with good skin and can get away with just a little moisturiser.  Yet, I do love that flawless look that others seemed to achieve.  Well, now thanks to this brush, that look is within my capabilities.  The texture is amazing and it is so easy and comfortable to use, it is not however cheap at £29.75, yet I think worth every penny, the company is also a delight to deal with.  The first thing that you will strike you about this brush is its generous size. The brush measures 150 mm (5.9") in total length, with the brush head 35 mm (1.4") long, 33 mm (1.3") wide, and 15 mm (0.6") thick at its widest point. This is approximately twice as thick as the average foundation brush

Having long curly hair, I am always looking for a wonder drug... 
Freudian slip there sorry.. I meant to say product.  I want something to make it appear what it is not, straight, glossy and swishy .. 
Nope still not found anything, expect of course, extreme heat and silicone's.  Neither of which are great for the long term health of your hair.  The latest product that I have tried however, I am very impressed with.  It also works well when sprayed into dry hair, then scrunched in, leaving soft waves, "non frizzy" soft waves too.  I have tried the whole range, but I am unfortunately allergic to the shampoo, this however I am fine with.
 It is made up of mainly plant extract's and vegetable oils, so it needs to be shaken before use.  It is applied after shampooing, on damp hair before blow-drying or before exposure to the sun for its protective properties.  Available from Michael John at £28, it is fabulous. 

Leonor Greyl Lait Luminescence Bi-Phase - Hair

Finally, this is more of an indulgence and maybe a passing phase, but I am so impressed with this item.  Its a waterproof liner by Terry, once on, it does not move....
So easy to apply too, as it is a pen liner, I have used many of these often they are only available in black , yet this comes in a gorgeous "Bamboo Brown", which has a much softer tone to it. 
I still like my pencil as I love a natural smudge.. That is if black rock chic eyes can be called natural.  What I think I am trying to say is, although I love the kitten flick eyeliner look, of the fifties and sixties "Mad Men" and screen star style, which is so easily achieved using this pen. I do not think it is for me.  What I like is that I can use the two together, achieving a long lasting eye.  This is available from SpaceNK at £24.50

Donna guru, swears by the Sue Devitt pencils, so when I am in London this Monday I am going to Harvey Nichols to have a browse and maybe to treat myself to a couple, as they are also supposed to stay on forever.. I will let you know.


  1. My hair is of a similar texture but I don't blow dry as it gets even bigger so am always looking for something to put in dry hair. I always use eyeliner so must give this one a go. I don't use foundation, like you, I think it feels like a mask. Have a great time in London x

  2. My stay on forever eye liner comes from Bobbi Brown. I LOVE her Gel ink eyeliner. It is a holy grail product. The Sue Devitt didn't stay on for me. I also don't have luck with Urban Decay pencils and lots of people do. I am just not an eye pencil gal, I don't think. I think I need something stronger.
    I am tempted by the Greyl products.

  3. I must try to get a hold of that hair product - as you know, I really struggle with mine - so any personal recommendation is ALWAYS worth a try in my book.

    Hey - when you get to London, give Christina a big hug from me!


  4. Hi my dear-a great review of these products, they all sound lovely! xx

  5. Ali this stuff is great, especially for "next day" hair.. controlled curl xx

  6. La Bel.. I loved the affect of the Greyl products but they really irritated my scalp... so check them out first as they are so expensive. This however is wonderful xx

  7. I keep getting invited to things by Leonor Greyl but I hadn't heard of them before. I love Terry make up and that eyeliner looks great. I always trust you on every recommendation. Which reminds me I must order some Moroccan oil. Love you xx

  8. As a make up newbie, I have a couple questions. Do you use a foundation brush only if you're using foundation powder? Is foundation powder better than liquid?

  9. I have just started using a foundation brush too (not that one though) and like it much better. Before I was like you - and just used a moisturizer and maybe some powder. But I'm thinking I need a better this one tends to shed.

  10. I like the foundation brush, however need a new foundation before I even think about a brush! I just ran out of my 3-year old Max Factor and don't know what to replace it with I am such a make-up klutz, no idea what I am doing most of the time x

  11. Susan, liquid or cream foundations or tinted moisturiser.. Donna would be horrified but I hate powder.. I do however use a little mineral foundation sometimes xx

  12. Thanks for the product shares. I hope all is well with you.



  13. Belle Mere swears by Leonor Greyl, hair products, I have not tried this though, they sell it at my local pharmacy, I may have to nip out and get this tomorrow. I am addicted to black liquid eyeliner so I may have to check out the ligne blackstar too.

  14. I've never heard of Terry but really want to give this a try now, I love an cat-like flick but I find all my eye liners flake towards the end of the day, thanks for this tip x

  15. ooh love Terry their concealer is brilliant and couldn't cope without my foundation brush....hope all well!!


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