Friday, 18 March 2011

Kate Kicks Ass

I just love this new Dior advert, sometimes amongst all the tragedy on the news it is nice to have a little fantasy.

I  also think after all the negative publicity surrounding the atrocious behaviour of Galliano, in that awful video, it is great to see that something pretty associated with Dior again and such a stylish film too.

I am not judging by any means, I wouldn't dream of it,  the phrase "People who live in glass houses" comes to mind, but it does amuse me how well Kate has come back from her "Cocaine incident"  taking drugs and swinging, is obviously considered a better role model for young people than a racist.

.... LOL I am such a blonde.. she is perfect for this product.
Fucking hell teaches me to post when I am in blonde mode .. That should give you a giggle anyhow


  1. Kate is perfect for this product!

  2. You know I like Kate and I think she looks fantastic in this. I get really bored of people being negative about her. She's getting older but aren't we all. It's a great ad.

    Dior sent it to me this afternoon to blog, but I'm sticking to one post a day now. I'll have to pop it tomorrow somehow and bump it up with something else.

    Have a lovely weekend. I might give you a call in the morning, much love, C xx

  3. Christina I am a huge Kate fan too.
    The video is amazing .. I love it, that is why I posted it..and then had my own little thought process about how some people can brush negative publicity off easier than others...She has been so lucky xx

  4. It is a great ad! and Kate certainly is beautiful!

    What I found interesting was what she says at the end "Dior Addict be Iconic" the term addict may not have been the best choice... when she says Dior it almost sounds like she is saying "be an" - its the accent ... but heck if I had her accent I would certainly be one happy gal!! I understand what you are saying about how some people can move past things and come out shiny ... I think she did address the cocaine thing head on in some interviews - so that kinda put an end to the media zoo.

    could you imagine having so such a fabulous selection of Dior shoes to choose from!!!...

    Thanks for your supportive comments... the blog break was needed on many levels ... (but I'm slowly getting back to it)...XO HHL


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