Saturday, 5 February 2011

River in flood...risking your life for football

I know that this is nothing in comparison to the adverse weather conditions that people are suffering across the globe. but, here in Wales over the past 24 hours, we have suffered some horrific high winds and now torrential rain.  

It is definitely a day for lighting the fire and watching a movie, or as Manchester United are playing Wolves this afternoon, it will be the match.   I know I promised a vintage post and I will get around to doing that.  I just wanted to show you the height of the river running past the house today.
It is a fabulous sight, although quite scary.

For those of you who have told me in the past, that they don't have sound, I am showing a tunnel that goes under the road, it is about five feet in diameter and during my sons ninth birthday party, he was nearly killed  in it.. 

Being totally football crazy, he entered the river, after his new football had been kicked in, it was probably as flooded as this!

I did not see what happened but about ten little boys came screaming into my kitchen " George J, has gone through the tunnel and is clinging to a tree on the other side of the road" 
I could not believe what I was hearing we ran out and sure enough there he was one hand on the tree, the other holding his new football tight to his chest.  
He was rescued by his dad... 
Became a legend to his friends..."He was prepared to risk his life for a Football"

I told him.......

"For Fuck sake, I will buy you a new football..... Next time.. Leave it !!"


  1. Kids are weird - they'll happily risk their lives for a football and yet they're also prepared to risk certain death if they fail to tidy their's the football option every time :-)

    Floody here too, but I'm up a hill :-D


  2. I'd have left the bloody football! What is he like? Sorry you're confined to the house today. I'd be fine with that although not having to suffer Man U vs Wolves!

    I love how much your shadow wagged his tail when you talked to him. Ahhhh! Much love, C xx

  3. Kids have no sense do they, I would have done just the same kind of stupid thing when I was little too. I'm sometimes amazed I still have all my limbs.

    Such miserable weather isn't it, but at least it is nice to stay inside and watch telly drinking cups of tea x

  4. Hi my dear-oh do keep safe and snug and what a story about your son, your heart must have been in your mouth and all over a football!!! Have a nice weekend xx

  5. Crazy weather it is well over 25ºc and deep blue sky here. Too warm to be in the sun...Amazing!!!
    Love your video. Fantastic place to have a house...

  6. Oh that is a scary story. I am so glad you son is ok!

  7. I will never have the sound up again for one of your video's after you burst my eardrums last week!

  8. At least you know he values his presents from you.
    Sounds like an afternoon in front of the fire is a winner.

  9. Oh dear god! That must have been terrifying! I'm convinced those little guys are what causes us moms to age much quicker than normal.

  10. That story about your son and the football is scary as hell. I wouldn't have known whether to hug him or smack him.

    Love you.


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