Saturday, 12 February 2011

My mission

Hi there, sorry I have been neglecting to post of late.  I have actually been neglecting a lot of things of late.  I seem to be in a place that is far removed from where I should be.. but that is another story.

I am being and extremely good Absolut addict .. as in, I am not drinking it.  During the last three weeks, I have been extremely good restricting my intake to Sunday's only .. and then only a we all know what happens if I drink too much on a Sunday....Oh Fuck!

Yet I this week has been rather stressful, underpinning the building ..mud everywhere...and a thousand other excuses.  I have not been sleeping well etc, so I decided to have a drink on Friday evening, I began to look forward to it....
Thursday, I rushed to school to collect my son, planning on buying a bottle. To my annoyance I found when I arrived, that in my haste I had forgotten my purse.  Frustrating but never mind, Sainsbury's were delivering the next day.
Friday morning the delivery arrives minus the Vodka !!

So this was my day yesterday in pictures....

On A Mission

Got To Get There Fast

Mission Complete...hic


  1. So please you completed your mission, hope there is still some left today. X

  2. Well done for restricting your intake! glad your back, does this mean we will get to see some more of your nifty dance moves this weekend!

  3. Good for you.
    You should always be in comand of you own ship. And if you are regrets please...Life is too short.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. You're good all week, there's nothing wrong with letting your hair down! I do the same but apparently I am a binge drinker!! I hardly ever touch a drop during the week. You can't win can you? Dying for a catch up, I'm in a rush to get ready but will try and call you in a bit, love C xx

  5. Yeah - nothing wrong with letting your hair down, Ms Glam - I am slowly working my way through a bottle of whisky and telling myself it's entirely medicinal lol!

    Ali x

  6. Sometimes the world becomes too much and if there is something that can help take the edge off...why not escape the insanity of it all, even for a few hours.

    Feel no regrets .... the week ahead is a new beginning. Life is short...

    Happy week-end my friend...xo HHL

  7. Haha, good girl getting yourself a back-up bottle. We always include a few bottles of spirits in the monthly grocery shop now, slowly getting up a good collection so there is always something to drink in the house! Very important in these trying times x

  8. I loved this post. You crack me up. If we were neighbours, we'd be in trouble all the time. Laugh.

    Love you!


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