Thursday, 27 January 2011

From Russia...I think I'm in love

Oh this is just soooo "Absolut ly Glam".. I just had to share it with you...I am in love with it.

I was meant to go out and meet a lovely girl for lunch today, but building began again yesterday and number one son came home feeling really poorly, so all extra curricular plans vanished in the blink of an eye, It was all meant to be though.

I ordered this Silver Fox and Beaver hat from Russia...just before Christmas, because, to my annoyance, my husband kept stealing my rabbit hat, as it was so warm and the weather up here was bitter.
I also just adore Fox.......It is just so ... "Foxy"

Completely taking me by surprise it arrived this morning .. I had almost forgotten about it, or thought I must have messed up the order, too busy with life... and Absolut!...Although I am on day four of abstinence.
I am shading my eyes to protect me identity still... 

Worn tied up...  Little Woolf Necklace - Silver  by Wendy Brandes

Ear flaps down
Oh! and the Antlers were an optional extra 

Back view, the back is gorgeous, it is made of sheared Beaver so soft to touch....


  1. It's gorgeous! Please share the make - I want one NOW! xx

  2. Fantastic phots ( love the last one), fantastic hat, fantastic you.

  3. Lovely!! Would you mind sharing your supplier? (you can FB me if you want) :)

  4. Hi there-oh yes, foxy and glam indeed, you look great-the hat will keep you so chic and snug!!

  5. I absolutely LOVE it!!!! Your hair looks great too. Love you xxx

  6. That hat just screams YOU!

  7. I am telling you that I love it so much that it is a good thing that we aren't the same room together as I would steal it off of your head and run, run, run until you quit following me. LOVE it! LOVE.

  8. You look like an evil Bond girl. Possibly the most glamorous winter hat I've seen, and I bet it is amazingly warm xx

  9. Great hat, great necklace, great chica!

  10. Its gorgeous! I had a Russian hat on my birthday and xmas list but sadly didn't get one!

  11. I just love your hat. You look glamorous and warm!
    There is a hat similar to this but in lynx at the Michael Kors store just up rodeo drive from my office. I have been coveting it for months and I was told that it will never go on sale...ever. Maybe I need to order a fox hat from Russia.

  12. How fab to have you back, and why didn't I find you? Will now spend tomorrow catching up on all your lovely writing and then make some worthy comments x


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