Friday, 21 January 2011

Favourite ever vintage coat

A couple of days ago, I pulled out my lovely red sweater and wore it underneath my favourite ever vintage find from Ebay.  I bough this coat years ago and I mean years ago.. probably thirteen.
I think it cost me £30, it is a 1960's fake leopard coat, my husband called it my "Moth-eaten Bet Lynch rag" at the time, but now loves it.  I did have to hang it on the washing line and "Fabreeze" it at first, it just had a stale smoke smell to it. 

Sadly the coat now has a large rip above the pocket, this happened because I was declaring one evening, during dinner out with friends, that I would love to be "ravished" sometime. So, taking me by surprise, the minute we exited the taxi on our arrival home, my husband grabbed me.  I still had my hands in the pockets, he then pretended to ravish me in the bush, for the amusement of our dinner companions. I ended up almost upside down, hands still fixed ... coat ripped

It has seen me through many a funeral, as grave sides can be bitterly cold, I always wear it over a black dress or suit, 'a la Patsy Stone'.. I try desperately hard, not to fall into the grave as she did.  

Ruby Tuesday ... Wearing sunglasses,
 to protect her identity

I  feel as though part of my lovely dad is with me when I wear it, when we took his ashes to Llandudno pier to "Set him free", just like on many a comedy sketch, a great deal of him blew back at us.   Apart from us all ingesting part of him, my coat must have some remnants trapped in its fur.
We all have favourite pieces in a our wardrobes, something that has an affect on the way you feel that day. 

Don't you just love red

My other remedy for a "Blue day" is to wear red, simple... 
Red has that mood changing quality for me, as soon as I wear it I am happier and smile more...
It was also the colour I chose to get married in too.


  1. Great coat Ruby, I love the 'ravaged in the bush' story! I am sure you will be able to get the rip repaired. You got married in red...wonderful, red always cheers me up too, I always sailed through every interview and got the job when I wore red.

  2. Hi Dash, the ravishing happened also a long time ago, I have since repaired it and it's fine xx

  3. I am soooooooooooo glad that you follow me, so I can find you and your blog.
    I am following you now, and putting your blog in my blogroll not to miss you future post.

  4. Ruby, I didn't know you had a twenty year old daughter!! She's very beautiful!


  5. Hi there-such a lovely coat, I adore your vintage leopardprint and I've a vintage one too that I love to throw on every now and then. You look so stylish, it is a very inspirational look over red! Wishing you a good weekend my dear xx

  6. Thank you Shane xx
    Yes she is cute, but such a naughty girl...;)

  7. Hi, I'm just about to check out your lovely blog, hoping we could follow one another with google friend connect? I follow you now :)

    Love the coat so much, also the fact that it is vintage! It looks stunning over red!

    xx viviane

  8. Gorgeous coat.... and the ravishing story made me laugh! I love having a couple of things in the wardrobe that are like old friends. Who says you can't be sentimental about clothes! xxx

  9. Red isn't a Hot colour without reason:)
    You'll have to try a blood orange Vodka Martini. It's got your name on it.

  10. The Sunglasses really did the trick, I haven't got a bloody clue who you are.............LOL xx

  11. That coat is fierce. I KNEW you would have such a coat. it is soooooo YOU!!!

  12. Brilliant story - you two crack me up.

    Love the coat. You look fabulous as always. Please come to London soon for some Ab Fab moments.

    Red is my favourite too as you know and you are so right about it cheering you up. As designer Bill Blass said "Red is the ultimate cure for sadness"

    Much love xx

  13. Red and leopard together is a dream team xx

  14. I have a leopard swing coat that I love too. Leopard just does it for me!

  15. Hi doll. Love the coat.

    Men seem to really be drawn to the colour red, too, don't they?

    Love you,



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