Thursday, 27 January 2011

From Russia...I think I'm in love

Oh this is just soooo "Absolut ly Glam".. I just had to share it with you...I am in love with it.

I was meant to go out and meet a lovely girl for lunch today, but building began again yesterday and number one son came home feeling really poorly, so all extra curricular plans vanished in the blink of an eye, It was all meant to be though.

I ordered this Silver Fox and Beaver hat from Russia...just before Christmas, because, to my annoyance, my husband kept stealing my rabbit hat, as it was so warm and the weather up here was bitter.
I also just adore Fox.......It is just so ... "Foxy"

Completely taking me by surprise it arrived this morning .. I had almost forgotten about it, or thought I must have messed up the order, too busy with life... and Absolut!...Although I am on day four of abstinence.
I am shading my eyes to protect me identity still... 

Worn tied up...  Little Woolf Necklace - Silver  by Wendy Brandes

Ear flaps down
Oh! and the Antlers were an optional extra 

Back view, the back is gorgeous, it is made of sheared Beaver so soft to touch....

Friday, 21 January 2011

Favourite ever vintage coat

A couple of days ago, I pulled out my lovely red sweater and wore it underneath my favourite ever vintage find from Ebay.  I bough this coat years ago and I mean years ago.. probably thirteen.
I think it cost me £30, it is a 1960's fake leopard coat, my husband called it my "Moth-eaten Bet Lynch rag" at the time, but now loves it.  I did have to hang it on the washing line and "Fabreeze" it at first, it just had a stale smoke smell to it. 

Sadly the coat now has a large rip above the pocket, this happened because I was declaring one evening, during dinner out with friends, that I would love to be "ravished" sometime. So, taking me by surprise, the minute we exited the taxi on our arrival home, my husband grabbed me.  I still had my hands in the pockets, he then pretended to ravish me in the bush, for the amusement of our dinner companions. I ended up almost upside down, hands still fixed ... coat ripped

It has seen me through many a funeral, as grave sides can be bitterly cold, I always wear it over a black dress or suit, 'a la Patsy Stone'.. I try desperately hard, not to fall into the grave as she did.  

Ruby Tuesday ... Wearing sunglasses,
 to protect her identity

I  feel as though part of my lovely dad is with me when I wear it, when we took his ashes to Llandudno pier to "Set him free", just like on many a comedy sketch, a great deal of him blew back at us.   Apart from us all ingesting part of him, my coat must have some remnants trapped in its fur.
We all have favourite pieces in a our wardrobes, something that has an affect on the way you feel that day. 

Don't you just love red

My other remedy for a "Blue day" is to wear red, simple... 
Red has that mood changing quality for me, as soon as I wear it I am happier and smile more...
It was also the colour I chose to get married in too.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Face V Fanny?

They say, that there will come a time in every woman's life, where she must make a decision.  She must choose between her face or her behind, "little tush" or arse, the name just depends on where you come from.  This is a choice not to be taken lightly, as it is a very difficult one.. and no I do not think you can have both.  You can be fit and strong and maybe carrying a little extra padding, than say you did in your twenties.  You cannot however, in my opinion, keep your face and remain model thin..
So I have chosen the face...

This may just prove to be my downfall, as when asked for his ambitions for 2011, my husband replied "A lean, fit and sinewy wife"...
Not that I am even remotely chubby, I do not think anyone under a UK12 (US8) can be considered over weight, I am a perfect size 10.
Of course, I have to say perfect...
I used to be a lot thinner and a lot fitter, I have given up on the dieting part, as I said I have chosen to keep my face, but I need to get back into the gym ..
Otherwise his ambition will go unfulfilled, although I do keep reminding him that I am a far more comfortable shag.. without sharp corners.

Alison Stokke
A perfect example of the physique type, desired here

... I wonder what side she will choose in the future?

The alternative, as in him finding a younger, leaner and sinewy partner, I can assure you would prove far too expensive and plus I do love to be fitter.  Not only am I stronger and more co-ordinated, but I feel a damn sight sexier too.  Clothing wise too there will be no need to replace any favourites, as I never really vary in size, just in how I fill it.
Facially, I am a Botox devotee and will continue to stretch and freeze those muscles until I am frozen in the ground myself.  Not only is it cosmetically beneficial, it is also wonderful for migraine sufferers.

The lovely Gordon Ramsay

Why not use everything that is available to you, both men and women.  There was a huge uproar about Gordon Ramsay and his hair £30000 hair transplant, but I cannot understand why.  I find men with, or without hair equally attractive, as I think sex appeal is something that oozes from within.  I also do understand, that if you are appearing on television and constantly having your photograph taken, a full head of hair does make you appear younger.  So as long as he can afford to do it along with his fillers and Botox, I say "Go for it Gordon"

Tracy Anderson.. my ideal physique

... The trainer responsible for Madonna's physique,
 looking wonderful herself

Now there are the exceptions to the rule, the beautiful people of Hollywood and the rich list sector, that have all the worlds leading plastic surgeons at their finger tips...
Such as Madonna, she has not really had to choose.  Her body, in my opinion is a work of art.. a very selfish work of art, as one can only imagine the hours that she must spend keeping it so.  We read many an article about the trainer who is responsible for this, but really it has to be Madonna herself, who dedicates the hours for training.
I am using Madonna as an example as I am closer to her age than either of the two beauties above, and anyone who has reached their mid to late forties will know that around about the age of 46 it all starts becoming a lot harder to look good and everything feels as though it is falling apart.

So we have the amazing Madonna look

... and then "The Ugly shot"

Personally I do not find this as offensive as some, I think it is a brilliant piece of paparzzi work, where she is tensing her arms.  Anyone with low body fat levels has a vein issue, you also get it in your hands and feet as you mature, shall we say rather than age..

What fascinates me, and is rarely commented on compared to her body fat, is the amount of work she has very successfully had done.  We can all critisise and say that she has the money and opportunity to have a great plastic surgeon, but it is still a huge gamble as to how you will turn out..
I think Madonna has had two lifts, by the way I am no expert, just a keen observer of ageing women so that I can learn from them.

Pre Facelift, boobs also look lower too...

Madonna .. After Facelift one, circa 2005

 This would have been around the time of Confessions on a Dance floor album, she suddenly appeared on our screens with a new fresher look and dramatic weight loss.
Personally this is where I think she looks best, apart from the hair colour being softer, she just looks fresher, rather than having a "done" look.

Madonna recently.. photo Getty images

Here I think she may have had a second lift, just before her 50th birthday, as that was when we all started to see a huge difference in her face, maybe its just her cheeks but I think she has also had work done to her eyes....
May I please just repeat,  these are all only my own observations and opinions.

So we are back to the beginning...
 Face or Fanny? Our American compatriots would say..
I still think face, but I am going to work on the body, I will keep you informed as to how I get along. I have been in the gym once since September due to chronic injuries, and this was last Sunday.  So far, apart from being unable to even squat on the loo properly, for the past two days, as my muscles were seizing up so badly from shock, I am feeling almost ready to start session two.  My main problem, which affects all results is my addiction for Absolut .. I am trying to restrict its intake to weekends only...Hic