Saturday, 26 February 2011

Custom Wear Flamenco

I have a friend who is very dear to me, we have many things in common, we share some of our inner most secrets.  Spiritually we are of a similar mould, we both are mother's of two boys and share a love of Spain and flamenco. We have written to each other, exchanged gifts and phone calls, yet we have never met.   The only reason is purely geographical, she lives in New York and I live in Wales, without the internet we would not know each other and yet our friendship is now longer than ten years, longer and closer than a lot of my terrestrial acquaintances.  My friend is a dancer, a very talented dancer she specialises in Flamenco, she also makes her own costumes and commissions some for others too.  It was when I was looking through her portfolio that I realised that the shirt that I had in my mind and had been searching for, was very similar to one of her own designs.  

My Flamenco Shirt

So using the wonderful fabric shop The Berwick Street Cloth Shop which came highly recommended by Fee Doran" Mrs Jones "  I purchased some fabric.  Shopping with them was a wonderful experience, I rang them and asked them to send me a selection of swatches of heavy silk to make a flamenco shirt in shades of orange and red.  The next day they were here, 12 strips of fabric, all labelled and priced, different weights and stunning shades.. I was totally spoilt for choice.  Once the decision was made, I was able to place the order over the phone and they sent it via courier, directly to my friend who was living in Sevilla last summer.   

Self covered buttons 

I have to say it is the most wonderful shirt that I own, probably as it is made to measure, and each little detail is wonderful.  Like the little self covered buttons and the depth of the neckline, we were able to discuss everything little detail as to how I wanted it to fit ..I think it is perfect. I wore it with  my J Brand waxed Agness jeans and some sparkly black Pedro Garcia shoes at Christmas.

 J Brand waxed Agness jeans available from Net a Porter

I think it would look equally as good with some really distressed jeans..
There is definitely something wonderful about having something made just for you

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Vintage Purses

Everyday practical satchel by Aubin and Wills 
availably from Net a Porter

I always say that I am not a "Bag girl"
I am more a connoisseur of shoes and jeans..
I have never really had a thing for an "it" bag, for me it has to be functional and suit my everyday needs, like my satchel pictured above.
Yet who am I kidding, I may not be an expensive bag fan but, I do have a passion for a vintage evening purse.  It all started with my mothers collection that she had inherited from her older sister.  There was a particular velvet clutch, with intricate metallic embroidery, that I adored, I still do..

My aunts evening purse

My own hidden treasure

I came across this little beauty in the local junk shop, as I was buying a few things, he threw it in for free. The detail on these bags is absolutely fantastic, all hand stitched with metallic thread.  I have not as yet met anyone with the same purse either.

Kite and Butterfly Jacket from

Just to diversify for a moment, these purses did influence one of my Sale purchases this January, as soon as I saw this Peacock jacket on sale with 50% off, I just new I had to send for it, as it would be one of those "forever" wardrobe piece, that looks perfect, equally with both jeans and dresses.  It is from Kite and Butterfly clothing and I adore it, plus it compliments both purses.

Fabulous embroidery and fringing..

Ok back to bags ...
1930's snakeskin evening box style purse, 
another junk shop find.  I love the little clasp and the boxy shape.

As its a little deeper you can carry more in it too

Red  1930's Alligator purse from Ebay, 
This reminded me so much of the Zagliani "Puffy bag"..
 but a mere fraction of the cost

1940's Pony skin purse Ebay

1970's Snakeskin clutch, inherited from a family friend

1940's alligator purse again from Ebay

There is one missing from my collection that I am looking to replace.  It was a lovely 1940's black snakeskin framed purse.  I bought it about ten years ago from Ebay, but coming home one evening from a party, my husband was sick in it, so I just had to throw it away...

Sunday, 13 February 2011


Please pop over to my good friend the Wildernesschic's poetry blog as she has a new poem and would love some feedback  To Be Lost

Saturday, 12 February 2011

My mission

Hi there, sorry I have been neglecting to post of late.  I have actually been neglecting a lot of things of late.  I seem to be in a place that is far removed from where I should be.. but that is another story.

I am being and extremely good Absolut addict .. as in, I am not drinking it.  During the last three weeks, I have been extremely good restricting my intake to Sunday's only .. and then only a we all know what happens if I drink too much on a Sunday....Oh Fuck!

Yet I this week has been rather stressful, underpinning the building ..mud everywhere...and a thousand other excuses.  I have not been sleeping well etc, so I decided to have a drink on Friday evening, I began to look forward to it....
Thursday, I rushed to school to collect my son, planning on buying a bottle. To my annoyance I found when I arrived, that in my haste I had forgotten my purse.  Frustrating but never mind, Sainsbury's were delivering the next day.
Friday morning the delivery arrives minus the Vodka !!

So this was my day yesterday in pictures....

On A Mission

Got To Get There Fast

Mission Complete...hic

Saturday, 5 February 2011

River in flood...risking your life for football

I know that this is nothing in comparison to the adverse weather conditions that people are suffering across the globe. but, here in Wales over the past 24 hours, we have suffered some horrific high winds and now torrential rain.  

It is definitely a day for lighting the fire and watching a movie, or as Manchester United are playing Wolves this afternoon, it will be the match.   I know I promised a vintage post and I will get around to doing that.  I just wanted to show you the height of the river running past the house today.
It is a fabulous sight, although quite scary.

For those of you who have told me in the past, that they don't have sound, I am showing a tunnel that goes under the road, it is about five feet in diameter and during my sons ninth birthday party, he was nearly killed  in it.. 

Being totally football crazy, he entered the river, after his new football had been kicked in, it was probably as flooded as this!

I did not see what happened but about ten little boys came screaming into my kitchen " George J, has gone through the tunnel and is clinging to a tree on the other side of the road" 
I could not believe what I was hearing we ran out and sure enough there he was one hand on the tree, the other holding his new football tight to his chest.  
He was rescued by his dad... 
Became a legend to his friends..."He was prepared to risk his life for a Football"

I told him.......

"For Fuck sake, I will buy you a new football..... Next time.. Leave it !!"

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Little French Hens ..... Especially for Lily

The post that I had planned for today, was to be about my love of vintage handbags ... that is now on hold, something for you to look forward to.  Instead today's post is dedicated to a lovely Egyptian friend of mine from New York, this lovely lady has been a faithful follower of my blogs since I first began.  As she worked in the high end of the fashion world, I had always thought that it was my sense of style, wish lists and fashion posts that she enjoyed...
But apparently not ..
After meeting up she informed me, that the posts she loved the most were my chicken posts...

So this morning when I was walking the dogs feeding the hens, I took my camera along, so that I could make a little movie for her..

Fucking hell Lily we were lucky, as I walked up the steps my new baby hens came to meet me... I had forgotten to lock them away last night, and Mr Fox missed them.  There is one about at the moment too, I think my hat has scared him away for the moment, I will have to get the big guns out and wear the coat today... Just so he thinks that its silver fox territory.

Anyhow enough of this madness, I know you are going through a tough time, with everything that is happening in Cairo at the moment, so this blog is especially for you, I hope it makes you smile xx